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Learn at your own pace

The school offers lessons m88 online gamesfive days a week with options for beginners, regular students and even private tuition.

Whatever your level of ability and learning stage the LSC has accessible and fun classes that will help you progress to becoming a capoeirista.

Capoeira is for everyone

At the LSC capoeira is open to everyone, regardless of age, gender, race or religion. We create a positive environment where all our students can grow and learn together.


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Inicie sua jornada


Move your body

Treino e educação

Learn about our regular classes and training

Enter the roda

Junte-se a roda

LSC Roda 28-1-2012 086.JPG

Play the game

O jogo começa

The game of capoeira is an energitic and joyful dance played with improvised, graceful and acrobatic movements. See how you can progress from basic training to taking part in the game.

M Marcos at at LSC grading ceremony.JPG

Get a groove on

O berimbau tá chamando

m88 Best Sports Betting SiteFind out more about the musical tradition and instruments behind capoeira


The capoeirista is born

O batizado

Following a period of practice as a regular student you will be invited to your first official ceremony, the batizado. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate all you have learned in a game with a capoeira master and be baptised as a capoeirista.

LSC Batizado 2015 Dw photos033.jpg

Progressing as a capoeirista

m88 bettingIt has been an exciting journey, however this is just the beginning! The London School of Capoeira encourages the growth and development of all its students to become advanced capoeiristas.

We believe everyone has the ability to make a contribution to this unique art form as part of our friendly, welcoming and professional school.