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Master Silvia Bazzarelli and Master Marcos dos Santos, both graduates of the Association of Capoeira Senzala, Santos, Brazil, have been running the London School of Capoeira since 1988. The school was the first official Capoeira school established in the UK.

By 1991 master Silvia was running a full-time m88 best online casinotraining studio dedicated to Capoeira, the first of it’s kind in Europe, based in Highbury Grove. Islington, London, UK.

In 1992 Master Marcos joined Master Silvia as one of two LSCH directors.

In 1993 Passo Co performing company was launched by the School to explore the skills of experienced Capoeiristas, capture the spontaneity of Capoeira movement and perform choreographed pieces in theatres.

In 1995, the School achieved Registered Charity status, and in September 2000 the School opened a full-time space for Capoeira in Finsbury Park, North London, m88 online gameswhere the LSCH has been running its services for the last 21 years.

The London School of Capoeira Herança masters and Instructors believe that m88 best online casino who wishes to learn the art form.

London School of Capoeira Grading Belt System

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Capoeira belt system

The London School of Capoeira Herança follows the Brazilian Confederation of Capoeira belt system.
Capoeiristas are awarded their first or a more advanced belt according to their level, dedication and progress.

At the end of the seven years, training uninterruptedly, the student becomes a solid Capoeirista, with knowledge in all m88 bettingaspects of the art form of Capoeira; physical training, music, Capoeira fundamentals and history of the art form and of her/his own school. The Formado Capoeirista can begin to teach Capoeira under the guidance of her/his Capoeira master.


The path of a Capoeira Master

The belts which are awarded at this level required more responsibility, knowledge and experience from the “Capoeira”. It is a path of patience, focus and love for the art form.

We believe that there is mutual respect from Master to the student and from the student to the Master during the practice of Capoeira.


m88 bettingLSCH Students

As part of our tradition, we believe that students should follow a style of Capoeira during their first 7 years of training, in order to absorb the school's ethos, approach and knowledge of game.
By following the LSCH ethos, students are asked to wear the uniform, which is a symbol of unity and belonging. The ABADA does not make or represent a good student, but a good student represents the ABADA.

The LSCH Capoeira style is fluid, artistic, non martial but self-defense effective. We believe in overcoming difficulties by maintaining regular m88 bettingand consistent practice and dedication - step by step, building strength, confidence and self-motivation.

The student who wishes to follow the LSCH belt system is required to attend both; music and movement lessons.